About us

Who we are?
The Estonian Law Students' Union is a voluntary association founded in 2006 by the law students of the University of Tartu. The Union gathers a few dozen active young people who, in addition to their studies, contribute to bringing practical legal science to law students and thereby building a stronger legal landscape. The Union values the cohesion and self-development of its members. To date, many successful and outstanding lawyers and legal scholars, as well as entrepreneurs, have grown up from our former members.

What is our vision?
Estonia's leading student organization that promotes practical legal education, supports the development of legal science and legal awareness, and creates a strong network between law students and their future employers, thereby strengthening sustainable legal education in Estonia.

What is our mission?

  • Promoting the educational development of law students
    The Union is committed to promoting the development of law students by providing educational value through the organization of diverse professional events, including forums and seminars.
  • Connecting law students with their future employers
    The Union creates connections between law students and employers in the field of law, thereby supporting a smooth transition of students to the labor market and making legal education more practical than theoretical.
  • Creating a lasting and supportive network
    The Union creates a lasting and supportive network between the members of the Union to create a platform through which students can encourage and support each other. In addition, the Union creates ties with both domestic and international partners.
  • Development of legal education
    The Union is committed to the continuous development of legal education and actively contributes to the formation of policies related to legal education.
  • Development of legal science and legal awareness
    The Union promotes legal science and awareness as an important field in society and raises awareness of legal issues. The Union also creates a platform for innovations in legal science.

How the Union works?
We value members' self-development and building long-term relationships in order to conquer the legal landscape together in the future. In order for each member to challenge themselves, all members choose a certain partner(s) (law firm, state institution and/or company) with whom to keep in touch during the season, plan cooperation and implement jointly generated ideas. In addition to cooperation with their partner, each member also participates in the work of one department of the Union. You can read more about the five departments of the Union below. 

Departments of the Union

The cornerstone of any association is a good team and cohesion, for which the internal events team is responsible in the Union. The department creates and organizes internal events and gatherings to connect all members of the organization and to take a break from studying. On the other hand, the task of the department is to come up with innovative ideas and projects directed outside the Union and to be their leader.

The marketing team makes the Union visible through event promotion and social media. This is how the Union reaches students and cooperation partners in order to successfully implement its mission. Each team member stands for attractive coverage of our upcoming events. The marketing department is also responsible for creating and executing the Union's overall social media strategy.

The Administration and IT team is the technical support for the Union. In the department, you can develop both your IT competence and creative design skills. The main tasks of the department vary from the maintenance and design of the Union's website to the management of online registrations. A member of the department can also try his hand at preparing an annual report.

The department of domestic cooperation includes the cooperation and communication of various parties operating at the national level - other youth associations, organizations, as well as state institutions. Domestic cooperation helps the Union to create stronger ties with various parties, thereby promoting high-quality legal education and legal knowledge in Estonia. In addition, the department implements domestic projects of the Union, actively participating in project writing and project management processes

The department of international cooperation creates connections and networks with other foreign organizations and partners. The department organizes the Union's student exchanges, international seminars, conferences and other international projects that promote cooperation between different legal cultures. In addition, the department helps broaden the horizons of Estonian law students and contribute to the exchange of experience with law students from other countries.

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