Yearbook 2023

Dear reader!

You are looking at something unique that has never been seen before. To celebrate the 18th anniversary of the Estonian Law Students' Union, we have put together a story of our challenging and growth-filled year. In the year 2023, we faced a significant stepping-stone, a leap forward in the development of the Union, aimed at taking it to a new, more meaningful level, offering even more developmental value to its members and law students both here and abroad.

This yearbook highlights our greatest asset - our people! As you browse through the Yearbook, you'll be guided through our patterns of activity, successful ventures, and you'll hear the reflections of our members and partners. This yearbook is also a result of our forwardly leap, with contributions from all those with whom we have something in common.

As we continue on our journey for the 2023/2024 season, we would like to express our special thanks to our members, our supporters, our partners and everyone else who actively contributes to the development of the student body. A special acknowledgement goes to our yearbook workgroup, including Mary-Liis Mustonen, the leader of the workgroup, Thyle Kelder, Keitlin Kütt, Andre Tuul, Tristan Rääk, the management board, and to all the other members who contributed to this yearbook!

We wish you a good read and a safe journey!

 Read the yearbook here: EÕÜL AASTARAAMAT 2023

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