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Public Reason Dilemma: Untangling the Tension between Freedom, Disagreement and Laws

29. november 2023 kell 18:00 - 20:00

🇪🇪⚖️🇺🇦 The Estonian Law Students’ Union is thrilled to announce a co-hosted live webinar with UBA Students’ League and Kyiv School of Economics Faculty of Law. The webinar is held simultaneously both in Estonia and Ukraine, and shall be led by Dr. Mats Volberg, advisor to the Supreme Court of Estonia, on-site from Tartu.


We invite all students residing in Tartu to join us on the 29th of November at the Oecologicum building of the University of Tartu. Simultaneously, Ukrainian students will join us at Kyiv School of Economics’s Capital Building via Zoom to discuss the topic of untangling the tension between freedom, disagreement and laws.


Presuming that coercive power is exercised through the law with political power belonging equally to all in a democratic society and assuming that all human beings are inherently free with deep moral disagreements between them leads to an inevitable tension in the society.


Is such a tension avoidable as a whole? Or are there possibilities for measures that a state can implement in order to minimize the forming of tension between the parties to the society? These are only a few examples of both philosophical and moral questions which the webinar seeks to discuss.


Dr. Mats Volberg has received his PhD in University of York. Throughout his career, he has been occupied both in the field of law and philosophy. Currently, he is a lecturer in Practical Philosophy at the University of Tartu and is an advisor to the Supreme Court of Estonia. 👨‍⚖️


The upcoming webinar is a kick-off for a cooperation project between Estonian and Ukrainian law students, intending to discuss our law systems and to facilitate the road for the eventual incorporation of the state of Ukraine to European law. We are looking forward to a fruitful partnership between both our unions and universities.


Details of the upcoming webinar:

🇪🇪/🇺🇦 29th of November at 18:00

🇪🇪 Oecologicum, room no 127 (Liivi 2, Tartu)

🇺🇦 KSE Dragon Capital Building (Mykoly Shapka 3, Kyiv)

💶 Free of charge, but registration is required


❗ 🇺🇦 Registration for the webinar shall be communicated separately

❗The number of participants is limited

❗Should you not be able to attend, please notify us at your earliest convenience by e-mail: eouliit@gmail.com


29. november 2023
18:00 - 20:00


Liivi 2
Tartu, Eesti
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